Friday, 21 July 2023

The long awaited edition of the questionable Keepit Soaring Newsletter is finally out! There you will find a lot of higly entertaining material but don’t take my word for it, lets ask ChatLKSC what he thinks of the AI driven Keepit Soaring newsletter. Hey ChatLKSC, “Is the keepit Soaring newsletter any good?” ChatLKSC:As a chat group, I don’t have real-time […]

Wednesday, 5 July 2023

It was quite busy here at the club last week… The challenge was set. Ryan was to tackle the Courthouse’s huge chicken schnitzel, which is a gastronomical nightmare. The schnitty is the size of a dinner plate and that’s without the salad and chips. Not only did Ryan finish all his meal, but he also managed to finish off the […]

Friday 27th August 2021

Prime 7 came to visit Lake Keepit Soaring Club and gave us a little insight of how tough is life during COVID-19 lockdown for our manager Ian Downs.

Wednesday 11th December 2019

XC Activities: Andy has been busy this week with his X Country Coaching with flights from 300km up to nearly 900km. Andy and Ian Steventon took to the skies for three coaching flights starting on the 5th where Ian reported having awesome coaching days with a 550km, 607km and a great 817km flight in the Duo Discus. Andy and Jason […]

Wednesday 27th November 2019

Training: This week we welcome John Alexander here to Lake Keepit. John is from Gardner’s Bay in beautiful Tasmania. John is a Professional yachtie and has competed very successfully in the Sydney to Hobart many times and the America’s Cup as well. John thought he would swap sails for wings and learn the skill of motor less flight. XC Activities: […]

Wednesday 20th November 2019

XC Activities: Another good and busy XC week with 30 flights over 300km and a few over 600km. A few pilots took advantage of the high convection (13’500ft) to fly the convergence over the New England plateau, good speeds of 135Km/h over 500km were achieved. Andy and Alan did coaching flights in the Duo Discus and ASG 29. Trainees: No […]

Wednesday 13th November 2019

Trainees: Jessica Lee and Audrey Lee are still here to complete their training, the girls from Hong Kong are progressing well and enjoying their stay here. Other Visitors: Woodley Wong had a great week here and accomplished what he came here to do, he gained his GPC, well done Woodley. Club members and all-round good people, Neil & Barb Cameron […]

Wednesday 6th November 2019

Next weekend 9th November: This weekend’s forecast is for beautiful flying weather so come out to Lake Keepit and try your hand at the peaceful but exciting sport of gliding. Trainees: Sammy Yau from Hong Kong has left Lake Keepit after gaining her B Certificate and enjoying her stay here. Other trainees who have arrived this week from Hong Kong […]

Wednesday 23rd October 2019

Next weekend 1st November: The next Lake Keepit GP starts on the 1st -4th November, so far there are a good number of registrations for members to battle it out in the skies. Trainees: We have a trainee from Hong Kong here this week, Sammy Yau. Sammy would like to gain her A Certificate and will be spending a year […]

Wednesday 9th October 2019

Next weekend 12th October: Lake Keepit is host to the Vintage Gliders from the Hunter Valley, an annual get together to share the joy of gliding. Trainees: No trainees at Lake Keepit this week. Other Visitors: Lots of members here through the week enjoying the great flying weather and participating in the club GP over the long weekend. The Vintage […]