Gliding Competitions

Sharing the magic of flight with other gliders adds another dimension to the joys of flying. Competition flying, where you all have the same objective, flying in the same air, through the same weather conditions, over the same territory – is a lot of fun. Flying gliders on long solo cross country tasks can be a lonely experience.

Taking part in a gliding competition is a great alternative – you can share the experience, observe and learn from others, enjoy the support and encouragement of your peers and extend yourself to achieve goals you may never otherwise attempt. (And you get a chance to recount lots of tall tales with your fellow competitors in the bar at dinner.)

The Lake Keepit club has an active programme of competitions, ranging from hosting the Women’s World Gliding Championships (January 2020), National and State Gliding Championships, through to regular “Mini Grand Prix” race weekends for club members and visitors.

The MiniGP weekends are an innovation of enthusiast member Jacques Graells, designed to encourage everyone, regardless of the performance of the pilot or their glider. With a flexible handicapping system, everyone gets a chance. With a simultaneous start and turn-points of varying size to accommodate the performance capabilities of each pilot, anyone can get home first. These events have proved immensely popular amongst club pilots. Contact us now to find out more about participating in competition flying at Lake Keepit