Preparing for your course

Preparing for your course

The Lake Keepit Soaring Club 5 day midweek courses are an intensive experience. You will be flying every day and there will be a lot to take in, both in terms of theory and in developing a new set of skills – which for most people will be very different to what they have experienced previously.

Like everything in life, prior preparation can make the task much more enjoyable and lot easier. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you arrive at Lake Keepit.

  • Getting there

Make sure you arrive in plenty of time. It is probably best to arrive the night before, at the latest. Arriving the day before will give you time to find your way around and familiarise yourself with the site. In particular:-

Make sure you have booked the type of accommodation you want at the club. Single/double or twin room, ensuite or shared bathroom, or a tent site. All rooms can be supplied with linen and towels, but you may prefer to bring your own.

Make sure you have an entry number for the park gate. The Soaring Club is located in the Reflections Holiday Park and you will need to have a park entry number to enter, especially if you arrive late and the park entrance is unattended. The number changes each month so make sure you have the correct one.

  • Staying there

You need food to fly and the closest supermarkets are in the towns of Manila and Gunnedah, both about 30 minutes drive away. Most people will bring supplies for their stay. The club has a communal kitchen with plenty of refrigeration and freezer space.

Although you don’t need any particular clothing for your stay at Lake Keepit, it is wise to look at the weather forecast for the week and pack clothing appropriate for your visit. Nights can be very cold in winter and days can be very hot in summer. Sunglasses, sunscreen, a bucket hat and a water bottle are all essential pieces of kit for a glider pilot.

  • Pre-reading

There are several publications that can be downloaded from the GFA website that you should, at least, look at before you arrive at Lake Keepit

Basic Gliding Knowledge (56mb) The purpose of this book is to provide a reference for the kind of knowledge that you will need as you progress through the various gliding certificates. It covers everything you will need during training, from the basic reasons why a glider is able to fly in the first place, to the meteorology which enables it to soar. It also covers most essential items in between, such as air legislation, basic navigation and use of radio.

Airways and radio procedures (1mb) This document provides guidance for the conduct of gliding operations in Australian airspace

Pilot training record book (5mb) This document is designed to track a student’s training progress and to ensure continuity of training.

Most importantly make sure you bring a sense of adventure for what will be an unforgettable experience.