Why fly at Lake Keepit

Why fly at Lake Keepit Soaring Club

We are a 7 day a week, 52 week a year operation. You can book to come at a time of the year that suits you or achieve what you want from your gliding holiday. The favourable weather conditions mean that you can fly all year round with some pilots achieving 300kms flights in July, the middle of our winter – and many pilots achieving 500kms flights and more during the summer months.

We have a modern, well maintained fleet of both cross country and training aircraft for hire, or you can also bring your own glider. The club has extensive tie down and water points next to the runway. The terrain around the club is varied and interesting. Plains, lakes, hills, ranges and mountains produce the perfect terrain for both beginner and experienced XC pilots. Thermals, ridge lift, convergence and wave lift can be being found. There are also dozens of surrounding airstrips and other out-landing opportunities.

The club is located in the Reflections Holiday Park Lake Keepit  with a variety of native fauna coming right up to the clubhouse. Kangaroos, parrots and eagles are just some of the wildlife you will see, both on the ground and in the air.

There are also few airspace restrictions. With the exception of the control zone around Tamworth airport to the south east, the gliding area is class G airspace. Lake Keepit Soaring Club is also a dedicated gliding airstrip, not a GA airport.

Whether you’re new to gliding, working toward a specific gliding badge, wanting to improve and extend your cross country flying, or trying to break a record – LKSC is the place to fly.