Keepit Regatta

Keepit Regatta

The Keepit Regatta is a fun, friendly and informal regatta, with entries restricted to 30 gliders. The idea is for early cross country pilots to be able to fly with experienced pilots to gain experience and confidence without the pressure of a competition. We have found over the years that many experienced pilots come along just for a great no stress flying week.

Coaching, team flying and mentoring are all encouraged at this event. It is possible to fly in pairs either in a lead-follow with two gliders or in a two seat glider. This is a great opportunity to introduce budding cross country pilots to competition type AAT flying, while not getting caught up in the stress of formal competition. It is run in a low key and relaxed way, all the while making sure people have fun. During the Regatta we don’t go for World records, most days we only fly modest 300km tasks.

Each morning we run a briefing session where one of the more experienced pilots talks about a topic of interest. We usually have a World or National champion to address the more advanced topics or simply to tell us what it takes to get there! Sometimes over a beer in the evening they may even tell you things that don’t make it to the briefing sessions!

We like to get as many two seaters involved as possible and encourage participants from other clubs to bring in their club’s gliders. During the Regatta, the fun doesn’t stop at sunset – each evening most pilots and partners join in for dinner and tell the tales of the day.

The Keepit Regatta is always scheduled for the last week of February. Bookings and reservations can be made through the this web site, but if you are interested you should hurry, the accommodation sells out very quickly.