Keepit Gliding Grand Prix Series

Keepit Gliding Grand Prix Series

The Lake Keepit Gliding Grand Prix series are fun flying events held, approximately monthly, during the spring to autumn period. The aim is to get people flying cross country, to improve flying skills and to have fun flying together. They attract a range of pilot abilities from those just starting out in XC flying to national and internationally recognised pilots. Entry is free to LKSC members and visiting pilots.

The club has been running the GP series for the last 6 years and in that time has developed an effective handicapping system that gives everyone an equal chance to win. Glider and pilot handicaps are reviewed daily. Tasks are set with lots of waypoints, which, when combined with handicapping circles around the waypoints results in very competitive events. Most gliders will cross the finish line within 10 minutes of each other. The GP format means first across the line is the winner.

There are a maximum of 15 gliders in each GP start, which avoids big gaggles. Tasks are set to be more ‘sprints’ than endurance events.  On good days tasks will average 300 – 350kms and on difficult days we do two or three short 120km laps hopping from airfield to airfield. We fly in the best part of the day for maximum enjoyment and the dinner in the club that night is just as important and as much fun as the days flying.

Ultimately the GP events are about having fun and flying with friends in a competitive environment. We have spent 6 years perfecting the formula and we truly can have pilots of all levels in any type of glider from club class to open class, fly and compete together without having the fast pilots/gliders flying away and the slow ones arriving at sunset. There is always a glider in sight but no big gaggles.

If you are interested in trying XC flying there is also the opportunity to fly in a dual seater with an experienced pilot to see what XC flying is all about. Contact us to find out more.

The Keepit GP’s are often mentioned on the news, here is and interview on Channel 7 here is Another on the ABC