Gliding Badges

Silver, Gold and Diamond Badges

If you are a more experienced pilot wanting to complete your silver, gold or diamond gliding badges, LKSC can help you. You can come to the club at a time to suit you and concentrate on acquiring the skills you need to achieve your next gliding goal.

Being a 7 day a week operation, you can come to the club and concentrate on acquiring the skills you need for that next milestone in your gliding career. Instructors and coaches can be booked for the times you want, when you want. We can help with setting up flight computers, planning tasks, prepping your glider and more. You can hire a coach to help consolidate your skills and then go out and achieve that goal.

The club glider fleet provides a good mix of aircraft, with high performance 15 and 18 metre aircraft for the more experienced pilots. All aircraft are fitted with flight computers, Flarms and modern instruments to make your life easier in the cockpit.

Weather is generally very good for XC flying most of the year. September to May is the best time for soaring with cloud bases often 8,000-10,00 ft or more. Ideal conditions for XC flying. It is not uncommon for pilots to complete 250 km – 500 km flights or more, during this period. Even during the winter months, flights of 250 km are not uncommon.

Task areas to the west of the club are over open plains and crop land, so if you do need to out-land there are plenty of safe options. More details about badge requirements can be found on  Gliding Federation of Australia website