Wednesday 27th November 2019


  • This week we welcome John Alexander here to Lake Keepit. John is from Gardner’s Bay in beautiful Tasmania. John is a Professional yachtie and has competed very successfully in the Sydney to Hobart many times and the America’s Cup as well. John thought he would swap sails for wings and learn the skill of motor less flight.

XC Activities:

  • Andy had to make a quick visit back to the UK and was not coaching this week.
  • A few pilots braved the very smoky conditions and took to the skies where even though there were strong winds and very poor visibility, the thermals were strong and reliable.
  • A few 300km flights were achieved with speeds of 117km/h

Other Visitors:

  • Leo Davies our resident Professor, is here with his good mate Pete Brooks. Pete flew in from South Australia in his rather cute little Allegro.
  • A big warm welcome back to Lake Keepit Soaring Club to Ivo Kalushkov. Ivo is one of our happiest, most positive members and has returned from Bulgaria to spend the next 3 months here with us to lend a hand and tame the skies with his gliding expertise.
  • All round good guy Ian Sawell has been here for a few days to fly and help out. Ian is going to be Crew for Ayala Truelove in the WWGC, he will be a great asset to the team.
  • Our Tuggie this week is the very talented and funny Rob De Jarlais. Rob is always up for a joke and has been making some noise in the E-tug PIJ, getting our pilots safely up into the air.
  • Also visiting is our very own Treasurer Chris Bowman and his lovely wife Lyndy. Chris is here to complete his AFR and to continue organising items for the WWGC which is keeping him very busy.

Other Activities:

  • There has been some activity around the club with heavy equipment, a 20-tonne excavator to create the foundations for our new water tank which is going up on the hill adjacent to our existing one. This extra tank will ensure we have an adequate supply of water leading up to the WWGC.
  • Things are starting to get busy with the lead up to the WWGC with the delivery of the British container. Ayala has been eagerly awaiting its arrival with its precious cargo of gliders.

Next weekend 30th November:

  • This weekend’s forecast is for showers and windy conditions. Maybe not the most suitable weather for flying but still an excellent opportunity to come out to the club and meet some great people, have a look around and ignite your interest for the joy of gliding.

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