Wednesday, 5 July 2023

It was quite busy here at the club last week…

  • Cathy our HKACC went solo on Monday, she was absolutely thrilled and to celebrate, we all went out for dinner to the pub in Gunnedah on Tuesday night.

The challenge was set. Ryan was to tackle the Courthouse’s huge chicken schnitzel, which is a gastronomical nightmare. The schnitty is the size of a dinner plate

and that’s without the salad and chips. Not only did Ryan finish all his meal, but he also managed to finish off the remains of Cathy’s, Jeff’s and had sticky date pudding

and ice cream for dessert. I think we will have to think of a much bigger challenge next time.

  • Also, Congratulations to all three HKACC on gaining their A Certificates. Cathy, Jeff, and Ryan were very happy and excited on achieving their goals which they worked hard for.

They were very committed and diligent, and they can’t wait to return to Keepit to get their B and C Certificates next. 

  • Brad Edwards flew down from Armidale to complete a 50 hourly on FOO. All went well and he managed to get back home just before last light. We appreciate Brad

coming down to get this done. We are very fortunate to have such a great, reliable maintenance service available to us when we need it.

  • Bruce Tabor, a member from Sydney, made the return to Keepit to complete a check flight and fly the LS7 which is back online. Thanks to Grant for doing such a fantastic job

getting our gliders back in the air. Another example of how fortunate the club is, having Grant available on site to offer his services when needed.

  • Neil, Barb, and Glenn Cameron arrived on Friday to do check flights and some flying in the PW5, it was great to see the Cameron’s after a long break from Keepit.
  • DD returned for a few days respite in the bush before heading to the coast.
  • Wozza came out to the club with his 4 x 4 quad bike and dragged the tracks back into the club hangar, so we could get the gliders back under cover.
  • Sadly, Ryan and Jeff left on Friday to go back to Hong Kong. They were so much fun to have around and they will be missed, especially by Graeme who had an absolute ball with them.

These young men showed so much respect, were a pleasure to teach, had many fun times together, and will take home lots of great memories.

  • The weekend was declared a no-fly due to no members/students, tuggie or instructor.
  • Pics attached of Jeff & Ryan asleep mid-morning, worn out from training and one from the Tuesday night dinner.
  • PS: There is a new webcam and it is online now.

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