Glider Coaching & Cross country training

Glider Cross Country Training

For glider pilots of all abilities, Glider Cross Country Training courses are a great way of improving or sharpening your skills, knowledge and confidence. For pilots who have completed solo training, a cross country course can show the real possibilities of gliding.

Glider Cross Country Coaching

If you can fly cross country and know that you are capable of more, but are having difficulty making that jump to the next level – then Glider Cross Country Coaching can help you to make that jump. Coaching is about setting and achieving goals.

Keepit Regatta

The Keepit Regatta is a fun, friendly and informal regatta, with entries restricted to 30 gliders. The idea is for early cross country pilots to be able to fly with experienced pilots to gain experience and confidence without the pressure of a competition.


KeepitFast is run annually at the club. It is a fun and relaxed training/coaching event with the goal to improve XC performance and competition results. This is targeted to competition and serious XC pilots wishing to improve their skills in a relaxed environment.