Wednesday 13th November 2019

Kangaroos lake keepit


  • Jessica Lee and Audrey Lee are still here to complete their training, the girls from Hong Kong are progressing well and enjoying their stay here.

Other Visitors:

  • Woodley Wong had a great week here and accomplished what he came here to do, he gained his GPC, well done Woodley.
  • Club members and all-round good people, Neil & Barb Cameron have been here visiting for a few days. Neil has been here doing general local flying.
  • Frances Knowles has arrived here for a week after spending a couple weeks flying at Alice Springs with Jenny Ganderton. Frances lives in the UK and has visited LKSC before and loves to fly across our wide brown land.
  • Ayala Truelove arrived on Saturday from the UK. Ayala has spent time here previously instructing throughout the summer months and is here to compete in the WWGC. She has wasted no time getting into the seat of a glider to familiarise herself with the area once again and start training.

Other Activities:

  • Andy Aveling continues to provide Cross Country Coaching and his lovely partner Fiona has now joined him for some time at Lake Keepit.
  • Work continues around the club to organise for the WWGC and ensure everything is ready to go once the competition starts.

Next weekend 16th November:

  • This weekend we have the Air League Cadets here from Tamworth. This is the cadets annual weekend visit to Keepit, where the young cadets use the skill of gliding to add to their training.

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