Joining the club

Why Join Us?

Above all else, Lake Keepit Soaring Club is a welcoming, friendly club that is professionally run. You know that whether you go for a weekend or a week, there will be people there to share your gliding experiences with, tugs to tow you up and all of the associated infrastructure to enable you to enjoy your gliding.

Here are a few more things:-

  • Year round soaring weather. Cross country soaring is possible all year, although best conditions occur in spring, summer and autumn. In winter XC flights are still possible, but the days happen less often
  • A fleet of well maintained gliders. These include twin seat training aircraft such as the Grob 103 and ASK21, two PW5 aircraft which are ideal for early solo flights, an LS7, a Discus 2B and a Duo Discus. All aircraft have modern instruments and flight computers.
  • Quality onsite accommodation. The club has 32 beds onsite in a mix of double, twin and single rooms with shared and en-suite bathrooms. We also have an online booking system which makes booking a simple process.
  • Glider accommodation. If you have your own glider we have large trailer parking area and we have new hangerage on the drawing board.
  • Glider repair and maintenance facilities onsite. Keepit Glider Tech is a dedicated glider maintenance and repair facility which is onsite at LKSC. If you have your glider based at Keepit then there is no need to travel for Form 2 checks and glider maintenance

Contact us now to find out more about joining the best gliding club in Australia