Wednesday 9th October 2019

Lake Keepit Terminal 1

Next weekend 12th October:

  • Lake Keepit is host to the Vintage Gliders from the Hunter Valley, an annual get together to share the joy of gliding.


  • No trainees at Lake Keepit this week.

Other Visitors:

  • Lots of members here through the week enjoying the great flying weather and participating in the club GP over the long weekend.
  • The Vintage Glider Flyers arrived on the weekend bringing with them a Ka6, Nymph, Cobra, Mozzie and a Dg202.
  • Val & Pete have been staying at Keepit for a couple weeks for some towing duties before setting off again into the wide blue yonder.
  • A big warm welcome back to Lake Keepit from the UK to our Cross-Country extraordinaire, Andy Aveling. Andy is the man to see for any pilot wishing to increase their cross-country skills.

Other Activities:

  • The one & only Bernard Eckey has been here this week to assist and sign off the pilots with learning the skills to fly UCJ – the glider owned by Christian Werner, Chris Bowman, Leo Davies and Lynn Anderson.

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