Learn to fly gliders

Gliding tuition and Gliding training courses to learn to fly Gliders are available at Lake Keepit Soaring Club. Whether you want to start slowly with a Glider trial flight then take Gliding lessons on weekends or accelerate your progression with our 5 or 10 days Learn to Glide Intensive Courses, we have many Glider training options that cater for all people and objectives.

Please check you fit within our glider’s physical limitations:

Weight – Maximum passenger weight is 110Kg. Minimum weight is 50Kg.
Height – Sailplane cockpits are built like a sports car, so anyone over 198cm tall may have trouble fitting comfortably.
Mobility limitations – If you have mobility limitations that may restrict you climbing in and out of a glider, please contact the club to discuss options. We offer assisted loading and unloading via a disability sling and portable lifting device.

Please contact the club if you have concerns in any of these areas.

Trial Flights

If you have always wanted to fly like a bird or just wondered what it was like than you must experience a sailplane flight. Gliding is something like sailing in the sky but with a third dimension. It’s safe, it’s fun and it’s an experience you will never forget.

Weekend Courses

Flight training is available at the club almost every weekend of the year. If you can’t afford the time for a full week course or you are still not sure about your level of commitment, weekend flying is a good way to start.

5 day intensive courses

Mid-week courses run Monday to Friday most weeks of the year at the Lake Keepit Soaring Club. There is a small (usually 2) student instructor ratio and the courses allow students to progress their flight training quickly.

Full size Simulator

Lake Keepit Soaring Club has a full size glider flight simulator which can very effectively replicate the characteristics of a flying glider. This is a learning aid for students that is available at very few gliding clubs in Australia or in the world.