Wednesday 23rd October 2019

Soaring among the clouds in australia

Next weekend 1st November:

  • The next Lake Keepit GP starts on the 1st -4th November, so far there are a good number of registrations for members to battle it out in the skies.


  • We have a trainee from Hong Kong here this week, Sammy Yau. Sammy would like to gain her A Certificate and will be spending a year in Adelaide as part of her training to become a Cathy Pacific pilot.

Other Visitors:

  • It’s always nice to welcome back one of our happiest members here, Ning Shen. Ning completed some flying with Kerry and then went X Country with Andy for a very enjoyable 4 hr flight, he said it was one of the most enjoyable experiences he has had.
  • We have also had the pleasure of having around 8 lovely ladies here for WIG Week. The ladies have had a great time sharing their skills and knowledge and bonding socially after the flying day ends.
  • Daryl & Jarad Speight arrived at the start of the week and have enjoyed soaring the skies of Lake Keepit and going X Country with Andy.
  •  Terry Kingsley arrived here from Kilcoy in QLD to pay us a random visit. He flew here to do some sightseeing and absolutely loved it here.

Other Activities:

  • The Club has been a hive of activity with lots of visitors and members here enjoying the flying conditions as the temperatures heat up.
  • A Working Bee is planned for after the GP to assist in getting some jobs completed to make sure everything looks sparkly for the WWGC.

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