Weekend Gliding Training

Weekend Gliding Training

Glider training is available at the club almost every weekend of the year. If you don’t have the time for a full week course or you are still not sure about your level of commitment, weekend flying is a good way to start. It is a great way to meet other members and to get to know how the club operates. It also allows you to build up your airtime gradually as you move toward your first solo flight.

Please check you fit within our glider’s physical limitations:

Weight – Maximum passenger weight is 110Kg. Minimum weight is 50Kg.
Height – Sailplane cockpits are built like a sports car, so anyone over 198cm tall may have trouble fitting comfortably.
Mobility limitations – If you have mobility limitations that may restrict you climbing in and out of a glider, please contact the club to discuss options. We offer assisted loading and unloading via a disability sling and portable lifting device.

Please contact the club if you have concerns in any of these areas.

Weekend Gliding Training start with a morning briefing, before getting gliders ready for the days flying and moving them to the launch point. As a club member you will be expected to help with launching and retrieving gliders and putting them back in the hangers at the end of the day.

You can make use of the club house at any time for lunch and morning and afternoon snacks and if you are staying for the weekend we also have inexpensive accommodation available onsite.

You will need to purchase either a short term or annual membership of both the club and the GFA, to be able to fly.

If you prefer to accelerate your training, we also have 5 Day Intensive courses

Contact us now to start training on the weekends