About Us

Why Choose Lake Keepit Soaring Club?

People choose to come to Lake Keepit Soaring Club from all around Australia and around the world. There are many things that keep them coming back, but here are just a few.

The welcoming atmosphere.
Lake Keepit Soaring Club is about people from all walks of life who share a common passion for sailplanes. The thing that everyone comments on is the friendly and welcoming nature of the club and its members. Because the club is a 7 day operation with accommodation on site, people stay for several days, friendships develop and the conversation always comes back to flying.

Professionally run
The club has a full-time manager who oversees mid-week operations and makes sure that your visit runs smoothly, while on the weekend, club volunteers conduct the operations.  The club has 2 full time dedicated aerotow tugs and a well maintained glider fleet. The accommodation is comfortable and conveniently located on the airfield and, of course, we have excellent areas to socialise after the days flying.

The location and weather
Located on the north-west plains of NSW, the club is ideally situated, both in terms of weather, terrain and easy access from anywhere in Australia. The club is just a 40 minute drive from Tamworth Regional airport and has good road and rail connections to both Sydney and Brisbane. We have great soaring weather year round, winter and summer. Summer days are often ‘boomers’, ideal for long XC flights. Spring and autumn are cooler but still with strong thermals and more technical XC flying. Winter is cool with shorter days, an ideal time to train but still with enough lift to keep even the most experienced pilot happy.

7 Day operations
The club operates 7 days a week 365 days a year. This allows you the convenience to come flying when you want.  You can come for a day, several days, a week or more and we have excellent and reasonably priced on-site accommodation and shared kitchen and laundry facilities.

Club fleet
You are welcome to bring your own glider, or you can hire one of ours. We have a fleet of well maintained, modern gliders – all with good instruments and flight computers. The fleet includes twin seat training aircraft, lower performance single seat gliders for new solo pilots, club and standard class gliders and high performance twin seat gliders.

The club is situated just north of the Liverpool plains. Mountains to the east and flat plains and low hills to the west. Ideal terrain for XC flying, with ridge, thermal, convergence and wave lift all possible at different times – and of course lots of safe out-landing locations

Glider only airfield
Lake Keepit Airfield is a dedicated gliding field. Not only do you not have to share the circuit area with powered aircraft but there are few airspace restrictions. This makes the flying much more enjoyable and low stress.