Deluxe Glider Air Experience Flight (up to 45 min)


Deluxe Glider Air Experience Flight (up to 45 min)

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The gift voucher for a Deluxe Air Experience Flight in a Glider includes:

  • Ground briefing with a qualified instructor.
  • Aerotow launch to 4,000ft above ground level.
  • Sitting in the front seat with a qualified instructor in the back seat.
  • An opportunity to take control of the glider under the direct supervision of your instructor.
  • Flight time of up to 45 minutes. Flights typically last 35-45 minutes depending on conditions.
  • Commemorative Certificate and an optional video of your flight.
  • Valid for 36 Months.
  • Usable 7 days per week.


  • Passenger maximum weight is 110 kg and maximum height of 198cm – there is no maximum age limit.
  • Minimum age is generally 12 years old, which is due to the need to fit safely in the seat belt and be tall enough to see outside.
  • Safety First! We cannot fly in rain or strong winds.

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