10 Training Flights package


10 Training Flights package

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Introductory 10 Flight Glider Training package includes:

  • Pre-flight briefings by a qualified instructor.
  • Inflight instruction in a modern two seat training glider with a qualified instructor.
  • Post flight debriefings.
  • Aerotows to 2000ft above ground level.
  • Access to the “online” Gliding Federation of Australia Pilot Training Guide
  • Commemorative Certificate.
  • Pilot’s Logbook.
  • Valid for 24 Months.
  • Onsite accommodation is available (additional cost).


  • Limit of one per customer.
  • Passenger maximum weight is 100 kg and maximum height of 195cm – there is no maximum age limit. Minimum age is normally 15 years old.
  • These are weekend flight – they can be taken only on weekends.
  • If you prefer to train on weekdays and/or would like a longer more intensive training program, please contact us directly and book a longer / weekday booking.
  • Safety First! We cannot fly in rain or strong winds.



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