Membership Rates

CLUB MEMBERSHIP RATES – Effective June 2023

(LKSC Membership Year is from 1st July to 30th June)
Full Member – Working Contributor (Officebearer, Roster Participant, Club Maintenance worker etc)$495
Joining Fee new members$475
Full Member – Proposed donation – non working contributor.$400
The overheads of the Club are kept in control by voluntary work by many members. Non-working members are requested to consider a donation to the club in lieu of working contribution. How much is up to the individual member but as a guide $400 from everyone unable to help would be appropriate. Donations made via Australian Sports Foundation are Tax Deductible – contact Treasurer for info.
Introductory Membership3 month temporary membership
1 month temporary membership
3 day temporary membership
(NOTE – Temporary membership is not renewable. Temporary membership is for newcomers to trial gliding – thereafter must join as full member.)
Junior Member (less than 26yrs old)$198
Cadet Member (less than 19yrs old)$110
Pensioner Member (in receipt of age pension)$193
Tug Pilot Member (non gliding member)$120
Joining Fee new Junior, Cadet & Pensioner members$225
Life Member – Flying$95
Life Member – non Flying$0
Social Member – non flying$95
New Member Joining Part Way Through the Year

A new member joining through the year pays full annual membership fee on joining.
As the membership year is July/June, at renewal for the following year, the membership renewal will be adjusted pro-rata for the number of months remaining. Eg. Join February, 5 months to go, pays full fee on joining, and at renewal the following July pays 7/12 x annual fee.

Renewing Members

Existing or past members renewing part way through the year pay full annual fee for the club year to June 30th.


All members correctly filling in a Membership Application form are covered by the Club’s insurances and are subject to the excesses and fees set out in that form.

Bulk Flying

$1650 pa – Provides usage of all club owned gliders (Grob 103, Twin Astir, ASK21, PW5, LS7, Discus). Provide 50 hours usage at zero hourly rate, plus a further 50 hours and 50% of the applicable glider rate. The period started on 1 July and end 30 June each year regardless when purchased.

Not available for Duo Discus.

Gate Cards/Park Entry

Full Members, Life and Pensioner members will be issued with a gate pass number for entry into the State Park. Others will be admitted to the Park on mention of the Gliding Club.

GFA Membership

GFA membership and renewal is payable directly to GFA by each member through the GFA online shop. GFA membership year is from the anniversary of first joining. New Members are be asked to provide a copy of their online receipt for membership.

While LKSC will attempt to ensure that people who wish to have sole occupancy of a cabin get that sole occupancy, at busy times people will be required to share and be expected to be courteous to the person they are sharing with.

Permanent residency (more than 6 weeks) is not permitted.